• Pyara Photography

    Taking pictures of people in love is such a blessing for us.
    We know that some special moments don’t come about each day in our life. And a wedding is a once in a lifetime moment that worth to be an artwork. Natural light, blissful ambiance and everyone’s smile in a wedding are our primary complements.
    As professional photographers since 2012, Pyara has fulfilled many invitations in Indonesia and even internationally.
    We believe that every moments is beautiful when you see it from the right side. And that's what we always do.

  • Carol Kuntjoro | Photographer

    I live my simple life doing the things I love. My most favorite thing to do is to dance along with my camera, have a peek into couple's love story, and see how it pops into pictures from my point of view.

  • Evans Irawan | Photographer

    I spent most of my childhood dealing with photography equipments since photography was my family's main business back then. Time flies and I got my own perspective about photography, especially in weddings. So I choose to take my own road, my way.

  • Martinus Sudharta | Art Director

    I started to work in the wedding industry since 2001. Wedding industry has a special space in my life that I won't trade for anything. I love ejoying wedding pictures, having a long talk with beautiful couples, and realizing their dreams into some pictures to remember. The sincire smile and happiness of my clients is my energy booster.

  • Vera Angelie | Artist Manager

    Weddings and art has always been my biggest passion that makes managing these two photographers as my hobby. I love to get in touch with couples who has the passion in their own weddings and talk about all of their dreams. It feels amazing to help them achieving their most romantic points through the lens of my favorite artists.

  • Catherine Kuntjoro | Style Advisor

    I used to live in a world of unicorns and rainbows where all things are sweet and magical. As years go by, and as i grow older, i chose to bring my world onto still and/or motion pictures instead of leaving it behind. It is my passion to re-telling a scheme from the actual stories of people around me into beautiful scenes to last and be remembered for a lifetime.

  • Martika Marcelina | Style Advisor

    I was born in a land of beautiful beaches and magical cliffs. But growing up in such whimsical island that many has dreamed of made me even crave for more. The feelings when you found surprising hidden gems in the things I grew up with in pictures is really exceptional.